Monday, July 6th, 2020

Most of produce will be in cooler to keep fresh. We will man the stand on Saturday's 9am - Noon.  Self-serve after that. Open 7 days a week.

Purple Kohlrabi-75 cents each or 3 for $2,

Kirby Cucumbers-$2 a pint

Cauliflower-$1.50 a head

Slicing Cucumbers-3 for a $1

Cilantro-$1 a bunch,

Lettuce(Butter heads and frilly green)-$3 a head

Yellow Summer squash and (Green and Yellow)Zucchini-3 for a $1

Kale-$2.50 a bunch

Garlic Scapes-15 for a $1

-Whole and Half Chicken-$3.50 a pound.  Available frozen at our farm stand at 164 Clarence Musson Rd, Gilbertsville on Saturday’s from 9am – Noon. Private Message or call 783-2332 to place an order anytime.


164 Clarence Musson Rd

Gilbertsville, NY    13808



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